Oh hey there,

My name is Justin. I’m a full-stack developer based out of New York City who builds mobile and web applications for a living, primarly as a lead developer at FutureProof Retail where we build software solutions for brick and mortar stores.

I design and build my own apps as well, often under the name Way Mondo. My most recent creation is a party drawing game called RoboDrawl. I also made this Spotify Visualizer.

Music is my most visceral hobby. I create energetic instrumental rock music in Yoink and Noxious Foxes and modularly synthesize as Mzungu, all under the imprint of Broth IRA, through which I've put out 9 records so far.

I’m actively in the early stages of launching a specialty hot sauce brand called Means Biz.

Beyond that, I can be found riding my bikes all around the city and working on my amateur woodworking skills.

Want to get in touch? You can email me here.

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